Your Car’s Clutch Is Going Bad, Here are the Signs

Midwest Auto Care is your one-stop shop for all of your manual transmission needs. This includes adjusting or replacing the clutch if it is suddenly giving you trouble. If your clutch has over 100,000 miles on it, it probably needs to be replaced. Let’s talk about your car’s clutch and the signs it may be going bad.

Burning Clutch

When we say burning clutch we mean burning smells every time you depress the clutch. Many people describe these burning smells as burning rubber. If your clutch is burning, the internal mechanisms are wearing down. We might be able to replace them if the damage isn’t too severe.

Changes in the Catch

It may have taken you a while to get used to where the catch is in your car, truck, utility vehicle, or van’s clutch, but now you can find it easily. One sign that your clutch is going bad is the catch position will change. In most cases, the clutch catches higher than normal.

Gear Shifting Difficulties

You may find it more and more difficult to get your automobile into gear. It could be that you are having trouble getting it into first gear or reverse, or you could be having problems when you shift it through the gear cycle. This is definitely a sign that your clutch is going bad.

Grinding Gears

Aside from having difficulty getting your vehicle into gear, the gears may also grind if the clutch is going out. You should never hear grinding except when you first learn how to drive a clutch. If you do, you have clutch or manual transmission problems.

Hesitating Acceleration

Your clutch might also be going bad if your vehicle hesitates when you press down on the accelerator. You may have found the catch in the clutch and gotten your automobile into gear, but there is still hesitation while you step on the gas.

Squishy Clutch

Finally, your clutch pedal should feel the same all the time. If it is starting to feel as if it is sinking lower than normal, or if you are picking up a squishy sensation underneath your foot, it could mean that your clutch is going bad and either needs some adjustments or replacement.

Midwest Auto Care in Lake Station, IN, would be happy to talk with you about your clutch problems. Call us today to schedule an appointment to bring your automobile to our shop for a clutch and transmission inspection. We will get to the bottom of your clutch troubles and fix them.

Photo by Aleksandr Kichigin via Canva Pro

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