Your Car Shouldn’t Overheat, Especially All the Time

Stop driving your automobile if it is overheating all the time. Midwest Auto Care warns that driving an overheating automobile will damage the engine beyond repair, especially if you cracked the engine block. We can get to the bottom of the reason why your engine is overheating all the time. The problem most likely lies in the cooling system, but overheating constantly can also be caused by other issues. Let’s talk about all of this below.

Problems With the Coolant

The engine coolant itself could be the culprit. If you have the wrong type of coolant in your engine, your vehicle will overheat. If the coolant hasn’t been diluted properly, the vehicle might overheat. If the coolant is dirty or the levels are too low, the vehicle will overheat.

Leaking Cooling System

A leak in your automobile’s cooling system can also cause the engine to overheat constantly. Coolant can leak out of the water pump, the radiator hoses, any of the cooling system seals or gaskets, or the radiator itself if it is old and rusted.

Clogged Cooling System

Another issue that will cause your engine to overheat all the time is a clogged cooling system. The radiator can get clogged with corrosion, or you may end up with a clogged in your cooling system hoses. Any time the coolant cannot circulate through the engine, your engine will overheat.

System Malfunctions

Malfunctions is plural in this subhead because there are a couple of things that can happen that will cause your engine to overheat all the time. One thing is a malfunctioning water pump that prevents the coolant from being circulated through the engine. A malfunctioning thermostat will refuse to release the coolant. A malfunctioning cooling system fan will keep the coolant hot.

Radiator Trouble

As we touched upon above, your radiator could be the reason why your engine is overheating constantly. If the radiator is leaking, the coolant levels are too low. If the radiator is old and corroded, it could be clogged. The radiator air inlets can also clog.

Other Overheating Causes

Finally, if the cooling system isn’t the problem, you may have old and dirty motor oil in your engine and this is the reason why it is overheating. Another problem that will cause the engine to overheat constantly is an overheated fuel pump motor.

Call Midwest Auto Care in Lake Station, IN, to schedule an appointment so we can get to the bottom of the reason why your engine is overheating all the time.

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