Transmission Repair


Having a concern with your Transmission, Midwest Auto Care is your Best Choice. Not only do we specialize in Transmission Repair, we offer the best experience and value the industry has to offer.

Free Preliminary Inspection

If you believe that your Transmission is not working correctly, take advantage of Midwest Auto Cares Free Preliminary Inspection. We will have one of our Certified Transmission Specialist go for a test drive to check all of your Transmissions shift points and performance, we will check the level and condition of your vehicles transmission fluid, visually inspect your Transmissions external controls, perform a computer scan and check for system trouble codes. As long as there is no further testing required, we will then advise you on the necessary steps that will be needed to repair your vehicles concern.

Reasons to Come to Midwest Auto Care?

  • Industry Experts
  • Interest Free Financing
  • Free Loaner Vehicle
  • Best in Industry Warranty
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Voted Best Auto Repair Facility in Lake County Indiana 6 Years in a Row by the Post Tribunes Neighbors Choice Award
  • ASE Certified Technicians

Areas Serviced

  • Hobart Indiana
  • Lake Station Indiana
  • Merrillville Indiana
  • Portage Indiana
  • Valparaiso Indiana
  • South Haven Indiana
  • Crown Point Indiana
  • Miller Indiana
  • Gary Indiana

Today`s Transmissions

Today’s automatic transmissions look nothing like the automatics of yesteryear. And they have four, five, six speeds and more. In fact, 8- and 9-speed automatic transmissions are just beginning to appear on the road!

And efficient! The addition of a lockup torque converter and computer controls has turned the sloppy automatics of yesteryear into a powerful, efficient machine. In fact, most people would be hard pressed to squeeze better gas mileage out of a standard transmission than you can expect from one of today’s automatics.

Of course, all that technology comes at a price: complexity. Today’s automatics are far more complex than those of twenty or thirty years ago. And that can be a problem when they aren’t working they way they’re supposed to.

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