Transmission Replacement

Transmission Replacement Merrillville IN

The transmission replacement Lake Station IN car owners request most comes from Midwest Auto Care. Why? It is because we are the top transmission repair and transmission replacement specialists in the Lake Station, IN region.

We’re always working toward our goal of impressing every single customer that comes to our Lake Station transmission and full-service auto repair facility. Not only do we specialize in transmission replacement, we use the latest technology to communicate what our technicians are doing to your vehicle during the course of transmission replacement and/or transmission repair work.

Through an app on our smart phones, we can take photos, make notes, and have the information texted or emailed to our Lake Station clients for status updates and approval requests. No other independent transmission repair shop in Lake Station, IN has this technology. The level of service that this gives to our transmission replacement clients has been extremely valuable, giving them the ability to make faster decisions regarding their vehicles’ repair.

How will you know when your Lake Station, IN-area vehicle requires transmission replacement? To be sure, you should allow the ASE Certified technicians of Midwest Auto Care take an expert look at your vehicle first. However, here are some common signs that your transmission requires replacement sooner rather than later:

  • The transmission fluid smells burnt, and the color of the fluid is dark.
  • There are fine metal particles settling in the bottom of your vehicle’s oil pan.
  • It’s either hard for you to shift gears, or you can’t shift the gears at all.
  • It takes more than one second to shift into Drive or Reverse from Park.
  • Your transmission jerks or slips between shifts.

If these signs are showing up in your vehicle, come in and see us for an auto repair service at our shop located in Lake Station for a thorough transmission inspection. If you require emergency assistance or would like to speak with someone directly, please give us a call. You may also contact us online to schedule an appointment. We look forward to assisting you soon!


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