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Transmission Repair Shop

When looking for a Transmission Repair Shop, Midwest Auto Care is your best choice.  We specialize in Transmission Repair.  We offer Interest Free Financing, Free Loaner Vehicles, and an Industry Best Warranty.

Transmission Concerns

Your transmission suddenly isn’t shifting right. So what’s wrong with it? Do you need your transmission rebuilt? Good question. Unfortunately, the answer is: No one knows. At least, not yet. To find out what’s causing your transmission problem, our certified technician is going to have to perform a series of tests. Basically, these tests are designed to answer the simple question: “Is it inside or outside?” That is, is the problem inside the transmission, or in one of the many control systems that operates the transmission? That’s because there’s a lot more to transmission operation than the transmission itself. Nearly every transmission on the road today is controlled by a computer system. That system is integrated into the rest of the vehicle. So a problem in the engine — or for that matter, even the brakes — could have a dramatic effect on transmission operation.

Transmission Testing

A properly trained technician test drives and inspects your transmission and will be able to advise you on the best course of a repair or replacement. Once those tests are performed, a qualified technician should be able to tell you precisely whether you’re dealing with a transmission problem or not. And he (or she) will be able to let you know what it’ll take to fix your car and put it back into proper running condition.

The really great news is that the vast majority of customers who bring their cars in with transmission problems don’t actually need their transmissions rebuilt. In most cases the problem turns out to be external, which usually costs far less than a transmission rebuild.

But the only way you can be sure you’re only paying for the work you need is by bringing your car to a qualified transmission repair shop. Midwest Auto Care is your best choice. Not only do we specialize in Transmission Repair, we have an Industry Best Nationwide Warranty.

Areas Serviced

Midwest Auto Care services the local areas of Hobart, Merrillville, Lake Station, Portage, Gary, and Miller Indiana. Give our Team a call today and let us know how we can help you!


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