Transmission Repair Cost

Transmission Repair Cost

Our clients are often asking us what the Transmission Repair Cost are for their vehicle.There many different variables that can determine the price.

First off, many clients are often anticipating the worse scenario. What we have found is a there are a lot of situations where only a minor repair is needed. In todays transmissions there are numerous electronic controls that can cause shifting concerns.

What we firstly recommend to our clients is to bring their vehicle in for free preliminary transmission inspection performed by one of our certified transmission specialist. View our website:


Included in are free transmission inspection are;

  • We check the level and condition of your transmission fluid.
  • We road test to check shift points and performance.
  • Check systems by performing a visual inspection of transmission external controls.
  • We scan your computer system for any failure codes and proper electronic sensor and solenoid operation.
  • Service recommendations. We will then give you what our certified transmission technicians recommendations are at this time.


To make things easier when having your vehicle repaired we offer a six month/twelve-month Interest Free financing option.

The application process only takes a few minutes with one of our customer service representative. We will then give you the Transmission Repair Cost.


It is never fun when you have your vehicle in for service and are without transportation. We understand and can offer you a loaner vehicle to use free off charge while yours is being repaired. Just ask one of our customer service representatives.


One of the services we provide is a courtesy shuttle service. We can take you to home or work or wherever you would like to be dropped off, and of course pick you up as well.


We offer many different warranty options up to a three-year 100,000-mile warranty. Our service manager can advise you on what might the best option for you and your vehicle.




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