Transmission Rebuild

Transmission Rebuild Merrillville

If your vehicle is requiring a transmission rebuild, Midwest Auto Care in Lake Station, IN is here to help. Our certified and experienced technicians can disassemble, repair and rebuild your transmission to get it working properly again, while avoiding more costly full replacements. Our transmission service is unmatched by other local service stations, with expertise, affordable pricing and many customer service amenities for your convenience.

Transmission problems can be a terrifying prospect – we all know they can often be the most expensive repairs under the hood. By maintaining your car properly with routine service checks and oil changes, you can alleviate some of the fear. Another way to avoid extensive damage is to bring your vehicle in at the first sign of transmission trouble. Signs can including rough shifting, slipping out of gear, delayed shifting or a check engine light. Transmission service done immediately upon concern can often solve the problem and get more life out of your transmission.

Transmission rebuilds are a good option for transmissions that need just a few repairs, still requiring disassembly but not a whole new transmission. The staff in Lake Station, IN is trained, experienced and ready to provide a quality rebuild for your vehicle. If you’ve been experiencing transmission issues, give us a call today to schedule your diagnosis and service. You can trust our transmission rebuilds to provide safe and secure performance for years to come, without the expense of a brand new system. Midwest Auto Care in Lake Station, IN is ready to be your transmission expert!


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