Timing Belt

Your timing belt is often forgotten, but the team at Midwest Auto Care in Lake Station, IN is here to help! Belts can suffer wear and tear and without routine checks, they can break and cause a lot of damage to your engine. You can avoid those expensive repair bills by having timing belt replacement done according to your vehicle’s suggested maintenance guidelines. Not sure of what your car or truck needs? Our experts can answer all of your questions and recommend the services needed to get your car running at its optimal performance.

Our certified technicians in Lake Station, IN will examine your timing belt and determine if it needs to be serviced or replaced. The teeth of the belt can wear down, causing slipping and skipping with can harm the engine. When everything works together, your engine can run like a dream. But if one piece goes wrong, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Routine inspections and timing belt replacement can help your car run more smoothly and alleviate the threat of extensive engine damage.

If you’ve never visited our Lake Station, IN shop, whether for general maintenance such as an oil change, brake repair, suspension, or timing belt repairs, you have been missing out on the area’s best automotive repiar services. We offer free towing, loaner cars and shuttle service. Plus a free car wash with every service. With so many free amenities, the other area shop can’t keep up with us! Call today to schedule your service appointment and see why so many Lake Station residents continue to trust Midwest Auto Care with all their vehicle needs!


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