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Stop By Our Shop to Support Brakes for Breasts®

October is the perfect month for a brake inspection. Midwest Auto Care is participating in the annual drive to support breast cancer research. If it has been at least 12,000 miles or one year since you have had your brakes serviced, call our shop to schedule an appointment today. You will not only be supporting a crucial organization that works tirelessly to support women’s health, but you will also be ensuring that your automobile is safe to drive. Let’s talk more about Brakes for Breasts®.

The Organization Itself

If you haven’t heard of them, Brakes for Breasts® is an awesome organization. This nonprofit organization partners with independent auto shops like us to raise money for the Cleveland Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund, and we run this annual drive in October every year. Aside from Midwest Auto Care, Brakes for Breasts® with more than 100 other auto service locations so it can send as much money as possible toward the development of a breast cancer vaccine. The monies also support the ongoing research for a breast cancer vaccine.

How We’re Involved

Because we have partnered with Brakes for Breasts®, we can actually change your brake pads for free. Well, the pads are free we should say. If, during your brake inspection, we find that you need new pads on the front and/or rear brakes, you won’t have to pay for the parts. The brake pads are provided by Brakes for Breasts®, and we do the rest. We will install the new brake pads and only charge you our labor fees for the work that is performed. That’s it. Any other parts you will need to pay for, but the brake pads are on Brakes for Breasts®.

How They Earn Money

Once we’ve completed the work on your automobile, whether it just needed new brake pads or other services, 10 percent of the money you pay us, i.e., our labor fees and other part fees, will go to Brakes for Breasts®. This is an opportunity for you to replace your brake pads without having to pay for the parts and donate money to an excellent cause. Breast cancer is the second most deadly cancer women face. This cancer killed 42,170 women in 2019. What have you got to lose? Schedule your vehicle’s services in October to take advantage of the Brakes for Breasts® annual drive.

Call Midwest Auto Care in Lake Station, IN, to set up your appointment. 

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