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Signs of Exhaust System Problems in My Car

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is crucial to engine performance. As the combustion chamber generates combustion, exhaust forms that must be drawn out of the chamber so that new air and fuel can be burned. If the exhaust is left in the combustion chamber, your engine will lose combustion and, thereby, performance. Midwest Auto Care lists the signs of exhaust system problems below.

Acceleration/Power Loss

If your engine cannot generate new combustion, you will have acceleration and power loss. Again, the exhaust system must clear away the exhaust so that there is room for the air and fuel to continue to be burned. Any time the exhaust system gets clogged, the exhaust remains in the combustion chamber and you end up with lagging acceleration and engine power loss.

Exhaust Pipe Damage

Exhaust system problems can also be visible. For example, if your exhaust pipe, most commonly called the tailpipe, gets damaged, you will be able to see this damage upon visual inspection. In some cases, the tailpipe may hit the ground and be torn away from its bearings and left hanging. It can also develop pits and holes on the pipe.

Fuel Smells

One of the things that the exhaust system does is carry the fuel odors away from the engine and out the back of your car. You should never smell diesel fuel or gasoline inside your vehicle cabin. If you do, it’s possible that the exhaust system is clogged and unable to remove the engine exhaust from the combustion chamber. This can make driving your automobile dangerous.

Hot Odors

You also shouldn’t smell anything hot coming from the engine bay. If you do, it’s possible that there is a crack in your exhaust manifold and it is releasing scorching exhaust into the engine. This can literally melt away the engine parts nearby, especially if they are made of plastic. You will also notice that your engine overheats if you have a cracked exhaust manifold.


A cracked exhaust manifold can make excess engine noise as can a hole in the muffler. If your car has suddenly gotten louder than it normally is, it’s possible that there’s a problem with the exhaust system and that problem most likely lies with the muffler.

Finally, a clogged exhaust system can also affect your gas mileage because the engine is not running efficiently. Call Midwest Auto Care in Lake Station, IN, today if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above.

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