Seven Signs Your Car’s Transmission Is in Trouble

Most drivers don’t think about their automatic transmission until it shows signs of trouble. Part of the advantage of driving an automobile with an automatic transmission is you don’t have to think about shifting gears. Midwest Auto Care can service and repair your transmission when it needs it. Here are seven signs that your automatic transmission is going bad.

1. Check Engine Warning Light

One of the first things that might happen is your check engine light will turn on if the transmission is malfunctioning. Because the transmission does not have a light of its own, the engine control module uses the check engine light to alert you of trouble.

2. Hot or Burning Odors

You may also smell hot or burning odors coming from the transmission if it is going bad. It’s important to have this inspected right away because the problem could just be low transmission fluid. The sooner we replace the transmission fluid the fewer chances of transmission damage

3. Humming Sounds in Neutral

If you hear humming sounds when your car, truck, or utility vehicle is in neutral, or if you hear grinding or squealing sounds coming from the transmission, especially when it shifts gears, the transmission is in trouble. You also should never hear clunking sounds.

4. Leaking Transmission Fluid

Leaking transmission fluid can indicate a problem with the transmission pan or pan gasket. It can also indicate a problem with the transmission hoses or seals. Transmission fluid can also wreak out of the torque converter.

5. Problems Shifting Gears

If your transmission is having problems shifting the gears, it needs to be serviced right away. Oftentimes, when a transmission is in trouble, it may hesitate to shift the gears in the gear cycle. It may also slip out of gear and go into neutral while you are in motion.

6. Shaking/Vibration/Lurching

You shouldn’t feel your vehicle lurch, shake, or vibrate when the transmission shifts the gears. Rather, the transmission should shift the gears smoothly so there’s barely any motion at all. If you feel every gearshift, the transmission needs to be serviced.

7. Unresponsive Transmission

Finally, in severe cases, the transmission will become completely unresponsive. You won’t be able to get your vehicle into drive or reverse, and the transmission will be unable to shift the gears while you are in motion.

Call Midwest Auto Care in Lake Station, IN, today if your automobile is experiencing any of the transmission problems listed above.

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