Transmission Repair

My Car Will Not Move

Our clients are often coming in telling us, My Car Will Not Move. They typically believe when this happens to their vehicle that there is a mechanical problem with their transmission. Although that is sometimes the scenario but definitely not always. There are many components is today’s transmissions that can fail, and also components external of the transmission that can fail and cause a vehicle not to move.

Features and Benefits of Doing Business With Us

Striving to be a leader in the Auto Repair Industry, Midwest Auto Care does the little extra things that make them stand out above the rest, working to change the image of automotive repair. Auto Repair Lake Station. Midwest Auto Care services many clients from Lake Station. We also specialize in Transmission Repair. Best Auto Repair Near Me

  • Customer Courtesy Shuttle to home or work.
  • Free loaner cars.
  •  Interest free financing.
  • All of the technicians are ASE Certified.
  • State-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and fix your problem quickly.
  • Midwest Offers Lifetime Warranty on all repairs (parts and labor).

We will repair only what’s necessary and advise you of all your options. Clients search for Best Auto Repair Near Me, Midwest Auto Care is the best choice.

Contact our team at Midwest Auto Care and let us know how we can help you. Auto Repair Gary Indiana.

Midwest Auto Care is located at 1122 Marquette Road, in Lake Station. For more information, call Troy or Katie today.

Service Your Transmission The Right Way

For Transmission, the more important issue is about knowing what to look for, Is the old oil really burnt or just a little worn out? Is the material in the bottom of the sump indicate a problem or is it just form normal wear? And should you really be paying for a service at this time or is it too late for that?

These are important questions, and they go way beyond the simple “drain out the old transmission oil and replacing it with new, mentality. You also want to make sure the correct transmission oil is being put back into the vehicles transmission? Not all vehicles take the same oil type. Those questions require technical expertise that`s well beyond that of the average oil change worker. It requires the eye of a true transmission expert….like the ones at your nearby Midwest Auto Care. Contact us about our Transmission Repair Shops That Finance

So, when asking yourself whether to use a transmission specialist or generalist, consider whether they can offer you the knowledge and the expertise to be sure your transmission is in good condition. If you are looking for Transmission Repair Miller Indiana, then give Midwest Auto Care a call @ 219-963-0204.


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