My Acceleration Is Jerky and My Engine Is Loud

You are driving without a catalytic converter underneath your automobile if your acceleration is jerky and your engine is loud. We are going to talk more about these two things below. Midwest Auto Care can install a new catalytic converter underneath your car, truck, or utility vehicle if someone has stolen the original one. Unfortunately, this type of robbery is getting more common.

Roaring/Loud Engine

People steal catalytic converters for the metal out of which they are made and this leaves you with a loud and roaring engine. As your vehicle accelerates, the engine will get even louder. Even though the catalytic converter is not a muffler, its presence helps to muffle the engine and exhaust noise. Specifically, the converter absorbs the noise of the exhaust being forced into it.

Jerky Acceleration

This exhaust force is also what is causing the jerky acceleration. Normally, the catalytic converter is underneath your automobile to buffer the vehicle from the force the engine is exerting. Once it has been removed, i.e., stolen, there is nothing there to absorb the force. Consequently, every time you press down on the accelerator, the engine pushes exhaust out of it.

Slow-Speed Sputtering

Another performance problem that is associated with a stolen catalytic converter is slow-speed engine sputtering. It’s strange, but the missing catalytic converter does not affect the high-end torque production. Your vehicle will run just fine, albeit loud, at high speeds. Without a catalytic converter, however, the engine will struggle to produce the torque it needs to operate slowly.

Check Engine Warning

Naturally, the missing catalytic converter is going to set off silent alarms and the engine control module is going to turn on the check engine light on the dashboard. System sensors will send malfunction error codes to the engine control module that it cannot correct. The only thing that will turn off the check engine light is installing a new catalytic converter.

Noticeable Exhaust Odors

Finally, because the exhaust is being forced out of the engine into nothing, it will surround your vehicle. This means you could end up getting sick while driving your car, truck, or utility vehicle because the exhaust is coming inside. The exhaust is no longer routed through the exhaust system and out of the tailpipe. The missing catalytic converter has left a void in your exhaust system.

Midwest Auto Care in Lake Station, IN, is here to help, so call us today if you have been the unfortunate victim of catalytic converter theft.

Photo by groveb from getty images via Canva Pro

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