Is There a Hole in Your Muffler?

Your car’s muffler performs an important job, but it can’t do much of anything if it’s developing holes in it. Midwest Auto Care lists the signs below that your muffler might have a hole in it. If it does, it’s important to replace the muffler as soon as possible.

Your Car Is a Lot Louder Than Usual

Probably the biggest and most obvious sign that there’s something going on is that your car sounds a lot louder. Just as the name implies, the muffler is supposed to muffle or lower the sounds that come through the exhaust system. If any part of the device has a hole or is malfunctioning, that’s going to make everything sound a lot louder.

The Tailpipe Has Holes in It

Bend down and take a peek at your tailpipe. That’s probably not something you do often, but what you’re looking for are rust holes forming around the tailpipe. Water is supposed to be able to drain out of the muffler to help prevent rust, but if those weep holes are clogged or there’s too much water coming through, rust might be eating holes in both the tailpipe.

The Engine Is Misfiring

Your car’s engine is a complicated system that relies on exact timing to keep everything working properly. If the muffler isn’t able to do its job, you might notice hesitation or jerkiness in the motor. You might also hear unusual sounds or start to smell gas or exhaust smoke. Your muffler isn’t the only possible culprit if your engine is misfiring, but it’s a big possibility.

You Don’t Feel Well When You’re Driving

The scariest clue that there’s something wrong has more to do with how you feel when you’re driving. If your muffler is failing, that can mean that more carbon monoxide is able to get into the passenger cabin. You can’t smell or see carbon monoxide, but it’s dangerous for you to breathe. If you’re getting a headache when you’ve been driving for a few minutes or you start to feel dizzy, tired, or have trouble breathing, you need to have your vehicle inspected immediately.

Contact us here at Midwest Auto Care in Lake Station, IN, so we can take a look at your muffler for you. We can repair or replace your muffler as well as sort out any other car maintenance issues your car is experiencing.

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