How Do I Know I Need Tires?

I clients are often asking us, How Do I Know I Need Tires? From oil changes, to headlight replacements, to belt changes, cars require a lot of maintenance to remain in tip top shape. Tires are one of the most important components of your car and they should be checked regularly to ensure that they are safe to drive on.

Let’s look at some of the tell tale signs that your tires may need to be replaced. You can also read our Road Trip Checklist for more information.


One sign that it may be time to inspect your tires more closely is by paying attention to the amount of time that has gone by since your last set of tires.

In general, most cars make it about five years on a set of tires, with an average amount of driving. It is important to check your tires yearly to make sure they have not become too worn, but after five years they should be checked more frequently.


Checking the tread on the tire is one of the best ways to assess how much longer it is safe to drive on. A very shallow tread is a sure sign that it is time for the tires to be replaced. When the tread gets too low the tire won’t grip the road as well as it once did, and it will be more likely to blow out while driving.

Uneven tread is also another sign that it is time for new tires, as well as an alignment. Tires should wear evenly, but uneven wear signals that an alignment and tire rotation is in order.


Damage to the tires is another sign that they should be replaced. Holes from nails or other sharp objects that can become lodged in your tires can lead to a slow leakand eventually a flat.

Some damages can be repaired by a mechanic, but others will require a new tire. If your tires are relatively new you may be able to replace just one or two, but if your tires are fairly worn, you’ll probably want to replace all of them.

If you suspect your tires are in need of some TLC bring your car in to for a professional opinion. Tires that are worn or damaged could leave you on the road in an unsafe vehicle, so replacing them when they need to be is essential. Visit us at Midwest Auto Care today and let us know how we can help you!

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