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Hobart Transmission Repair

When you are looking for Hobart Transmission Repair, Midwest Auto Care is your best choice. We offer FREE LOANER VEHICLES, INTEREST FREE FINANCING, and an INDUSTRY BEST WARRANTY. Our technicians are also ASE Certified and required to do 40 hours of continued training every year.

Common Symptoms

When the transmission fluid is low, you may experience erratic, abnormal, or a loss of shifting. Low fluid indicates a possible fluid leak. The leak needs to be identified and repaired to prevent further damage to the transmission. We recommend against using any “stop leak” additives to address transmission fluid leaks.

Issues requiring a transmission diagnosis can include delayed or abnormal shifting, inability to shift into one or more gears, flashing transmission lights/indicators, and an illuminated Check Engine Light.

Best Practices

Vehicles with computer controlled automatic transmissions may have upgrade-able software in the transmission control module. The repair shop should check and verify that the latest software is installed. Transmission software upgrade information is often found in Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) from the vehicle manufacturer.

What may appear to be a transmission issue may actually be an engine performance problem. A shop should test drive the vehicle and perform a few checks to rule out an engine problem before focusing on the transmission.

A shop may recommend replacing the automatic transmission with a re-manufactured part rather than trying to repair an internal failure. Alternatively, a shop specializing in transmission repairs may be able to rebuild the transmission to the same or better standard than a replacement transmission and offer the same type of extended warranty. So when your looking for Hobart Transmission Repair, give the experts at Midwest Auto Care a call and let us know how we can help you. You can contact us today.

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