Common Cooling System Problems That Overheat Your Car

We are a transmission center but we also repair other vehicle systems in our Lake Station, IN, auto shop. When it comes to the cooling system, there are a handful of common problems that will make your automobile overheat every time you drive it. If you’ve got a temperature problem brewing underneath the hood, let Midwest Auto Care test the cooling system to find out what’s wrong. Here are some common issues we fix regularly.

Cooling System Leaks

You might be losing coolant without even realizing it if there is a subtle leak in the cooling system. If you have a serious leak, you’ll see the engine coolant on your garage floor. Cooling system leaks can stem from the hoses, gaskets, or seals; the radiator bottom; the water pump; and the heater core, although it is part of the AC system. Fixing the leak will keep the coolant in the system and prevent overheating.

Cooling System Hoses

Aside from leaking, the radiator and heater core hoses can also get clogged. If this happens, the coolant will be unable to travel all the way through the engine, which will overheat it. The radiator itself can also be overridden with sediment that clogs it. This generally only happens on vehicles where the radiator has seen a lot of mileage. Change the radiator hoses every 60,000 miles to avoid clogs and leaks.

Rusted and Leaking Radiator

As you can imagine, if the radiator is filled with sediment, it could also be rusting on the bottom. Eventually, the oxidation will eat away at the radiator’s metal and you’ll end up with a hole in the radiator. Orange coolant on the garage floor is a sign of a rusted radiator because the rust takes the coolant’s original color and makes it look more orange. Replacing the radiator is crucial at this stage.

System Part Failure

Several cooling system parts also have limited life spans. The thermostat keeps track of the engine’s temperature and releases coolant into the engine once it gets too hot. The water pump is the cooling system part that pumps the coolant through the engine. The radiator fan cools off the hot coolant once it’s returned to the radiator. If any of these parts fail, your engine will overheat when you drive your car.

Call Midwest Auto Care or stop by our Lake Station, IN, shop if your engine keeps overheating. If the overheating is severe, have your vehicle towed to our shop instead of driving it.

Photo by Yevhenii Orov from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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