Can a Bad Transmission Cause My Engine to Make Suction Noises?

No, a bad transmission will not cause your engine to make suction noises. Rather, a bad transmission produces grinding, humming, or squealing sounds. If you suspect you have a bad transmission, bring your vehicle to our shop right away. The sooner you get the transmission trouble repaired the less expensive the repair bill. If you hear suction coming from your engine, Midwest Auto Care advises that you probably have a vacuum leak. Let’s talk more about this below.

Check Engine Light

A vacuum leak from one of the vacuum hoses will push too much air into the engine. Consequently, as a result, you will end up with a check engine light warning on your dashboard. This warning will stay lit until you get the vacuum leak repaired.

Engine Trouble

Another problem that the excess air in the engine causes is acceleration and engine lag. Your engine will sputter and struggle to pick up speed when you press down on the accelerator and it will also struggle to maintain speed. You will notice this particularly when your engine is under stress, such as when you drive up steep hills. The engine is not getting enough fuel because the vacuum leak is filling the engine with air. This lean fuel condition will continue until such time as you get the vacuum leak fixed.

High Engine RPMs

Many times, when a vacuum hose springs the leak, the air coming out of the hose comes out in spurts. This cannot only affect how your vehicle’s accessories and components operate, but it can also affect the revolutions per minute or RPMs. In the case of a vacuum leak, you will notice that your RPMs are much higher than normal. When the air flows out of the vacuum hose in spurts, the tachometer needle may bounce up and down as a result. As with the other signs of the vacuum leak listed above, your RPM trouble will not be resolved until the vacuum leak is taking care of.

Suction Noises

Finally, as we mentioned above, suction noises coming from your engine definitely point to a vacuum leak. You may also hear squealing or whining sounds coming from the engine. If you pop the hood of your automobile and follow the sound, you may be able to spot the vacuum hose that is leaking.

Give Midwest Auto Care in Lake Station, IN, a call today if you believe your engine has a vacuum leak.

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