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Best Fuel System Cleaner 2018

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Is A Fuel System Service Worth It?

If you’re a longtime driver, chances are you’ve received recommendations for a service you never heard of before: a fuel system service. And, since you’ve never heard of it, you’re probably suspicious: Is this a real service or just another way for someone to separate your paycheck from your wallet?

Fuel Injector Cleaning

Truth is, a fuel system service is a real service, and yes, it’s worth it. There are real benefits for you and your car. And the folks at Midwest Auto Care will be only too happy to show you what’s involved and how it can help your car run better and more efficiently.

In fact, a fuel system service isn’t really new. Back in the day, when gas went through a carburetor, fuel system servicing was part of a regular tune-up. Back then it involved spraying a cleaning solution from an aerosol can to wash away the crud that had built up in the carburetor body and passages.

Today’s fuel delivery systems are much more precise; they operate on clearances measured in microns. So it doesn’t take a lot of dirt to affect engine performance.

Fuel System Check

Enter the fuel system service: This involves running a special detergent through your car’s fuel and induction system, to loosen and wash away deposits and carbon that build up during normal operation. It brings your car’s fuel system back to factory condition, to reduce emissions, improve performance, and increase gas mileage.

So yes, fuel system servicing is a real service with real benefits. And, at Midwest Auto Care, you can have your car’s fuel and induction system cleaned and brought back to like-new condition. It’s one of the best ways to keep your car running properly.

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