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For Auto Repair Hobart, Midwest Auto Care is your best choice.

Technological advances on modern vehicles are making it easier for us to identify issues that need to be fixed and can sometimes provide a false sense of security for drivers. Believing your car has you covered at all times can be a mistake for many. Aside from familiarizing yourself with safety features like your car’s warning lights, and doing a quick review of your owner’s manual, being a diligent driver is important.

So how do you stay smart in driver’s seat? Always keep these three things in your car!

1. Essential tools.

Keeping some essentials in the car can make a huge difference in a bad situation. Stock up on kits that include jumper cables and a basic set of tools. Going a step further with a portable battery pack can make you less reliable on others and more self-sufficient in a sticky situation. You can even find tiny air compressors that will inflate your tiresthrough the cigarette lighter. Getting back on the road quickly and safely is imperative.

Also, keep a car window hammer/seat belt cutter handy. This could be an invaluable tool if your vehicle is submerged in water. Even if you are not in a water related accident this tool still comes in handy by freeing you from your seat belt so that you can safely exit your vehicle. Ensure the tool also comes with a puncture mechanism, making sure you can puncture your airbag quickly to exit the vehicle safely in the event of an accident. Being able to distance yourself from a crash site may prove to be valuable.

2. A basic first aid kit.

A basic First Aid Kit should be a staple item in your emergency vehicle stash. This item can be helpful in the event of an accident, or even in the event of a small injury. If you travel to remote areas in your vehicle for work or for recreational purposes then this kit may be useful. There are multiple varieties available for purchase online.

3. Bottled water.

But wait, I thought I wasn’t supposed to leave bottled water in a hot car? Well, it’s not necessarily just for drinking. Water can come in handy for many different reasons with your car.

Did mud or debris come up on your windshield and the wipers aren’t cutting it? Break out the water to help scrub off the debris. Car overheats and you’re in a bind with no coolant? Water can be put directly in the radiator to get you from Point A to Point B, and we hope Point B is a Certified shop to get that checked out! In an emergency situation? Drink it! Keeping water in the car can be a lifesaver on many different levels.

For Auto Repair Hobart, Midwest Auto Care is your best choice. Give our team a call today.


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