Auto A/C Repair

Auto A/C Repair

Midwest Auto Care specializes in Auto A/C Repair. When the mercury begins its annual climb toward triple digits, there’s nothing more important to you than your car`s auto conditioning. And even if you think your vehicles air conditioner is doing a good job, an annual spring checkup is usually a good idea.

Generally, that includes checking the car’s cooling system, to make sure it’ll handle the extra load of the air conditioner while driving in already high temperatures. And it’ll include checking the condenser for anything that might be blocking air flow, and the cooling fans to make sure they’re coming on and moving adequate air when you turn the A/C on. Visit our website @

Fan Belt

It’ll also include checking the fan belt that operates the air conditioning compressor, to make sure it’s in good condition and tight enough to keep the compressor turning at the proper speeds.

It may also involve checking system pressures. While most of today’s air conditioning systems don’t have a sight glass, good technicians can still get a reasonable idea of the system’s charge by check the operating pressures against the outside temperature.

Passenger Compartment

From there our technicians will move inside the passenger compartment to make sure the system is operating properly and all the doors in the system ducts are opening and closing properly, to make sure you’re getting full value from your air conditioning system.

Finally, many of today’s cars have a cabin filter, to filter the air coming into the passenger compartment, this is the air your breath when your windows are closed. While the air conditioning may still work with a dirty cabin filter, replacing it will provide more air flow and better climate control.

The technicians at your nearby Midwest Auto Care are well equipped to check you’re a/c system and perform your Auto A/C Repair to ensure it’s working efficiently and keeps you driving in comfort. Give us a call so we can check your car’s air conditioner… before it starts blowing hot air.

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