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When looking for Alignment Near Me, Midwest Auto Care is your best choice. Our team of ASE Certified Technicians will ensure your vehicle will get the most life out of your tires.

To view a vehicle’s alignment settings, a qualified technician must place the car on an alignment rack that uses a series of mirrors or lasers to take measurements. Technicians can then make the necessary adjustments.

Risks Associated with Bad Wheel Alignment

The main risk of driving a vehicle with bad alignment specifications is uneven tire wear. Your tires may develop flat spots along the inner or outer shoulder while leaving the inner tread untouched.

The uneven wear will eventually cause your vehicle to wobble or shake at low and high speeds. You might also notice that your vehicle pulls to the left or right as you drive. The wear could even cause the tire to unexpectedly deflate while driving.

Poor alignment specifications also put your tie rods, control arms and ball joints at serious risk of failure. If these suspension components fail while driving, you could lose control of your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment Procedure

Your technician will perform the vehicle alignment service using high tech measurement and adjustment equipment.

Technicians move the suspension components in and out to adjust the alignment settings. The lasers or mirrors on the alignment rack track the changes and compare them to the vehicle’s recommended settings.

Wheel Alignment Services Specified by Your Vehicle’s Manufacturer

Each vehicle manufacturer indicates the ideal wheel alignment setting for models in their product line. For the average driver, the manufacturer’s given settings will provide the best driving experience by maintaining the expected vehicle performance characteristics.

When to Visit an Auto-Repair Shop

Whenever you replace your tires, you should elect to have an alignment performed to protect that investment. Technicians may only need to make slight adjustments to bring your car into spec and protect your tires from uneven wear.

Get a Professional Tire Inspection

You can always visit your local Midwest Auto Care for an alignment if you suspect your vehicle tracks the road improperly or exhibits shaking at any speed. Our certified technicians will perform a thorough inspection to verify if the cause of the symptoms is an out of spec alignment.

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