A Bouncy Ride Could Mean Suspension Trouble

Your vehicle’s suspension houses the wheels, steering system, axles, and struts and shocks. You wouldn’t be able to control your automobile without the suspension, so you can count on Midwest Auto Care to keep your car, truck, crossover, or SUV’s suspension in tiptop shape. Here are signs beyond a bouncy ride you have suspension problems that need to be addressed right away.

Bouncy Ride

An unusually bumpy ride is a sign that your shocks and struts have worn out. Your vehicle might have struts on the front wheels and shocks on the back wheels, all shocks, or all struts. These parts are designed to absorb the unevenness of road surfaces, so they feel the bumps in the roads but you don’t. A sure sign of suspension trouble, likely the shocks and struts, is a bumpy, bouncy ride.


The wheels are part of your vehicle’s suspension and if they are not aligned properly, your automobile might pull to one side even though you’re steering it straight. Your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s body might also tilt to the side when you turn a corner. This is a sign that the shocks and struts are worn out and can no longer support the weight of the vehicle’s body.


Another sign the shocks and struts aren’t supporting the vehicle’s body is diving forward when you stop or leaning backward when you accelerate. The vehicle suspension should prevent this momentum motion and if it can’t, it can actually affect how well your automobile stops. Car, trucks, and SUV’s or crossover’s with bad suspension can take up to 20 percent more time to come to a full stop.

Uneven Rest

A broken suspension spring will make your vehicle sit lower on the wheel where the spring broke. You may also hear clunking noises when you drive over bumps and, as mentioned above, feel every bump – at least on that wheel. It’s important to get the spring repaired to avoid additional suspension damage. Your vehicle should be level when it’s parked on a level surface, not leaning toward one wheel.

Tire Damage

Finally, suspension problems can chew up your tires. If the wheels aren’t balanced or aligned, your tire tread will wear down unevenly. If there are problems with the shocks, struts, or suspension springs, the tires could bounce up and down on the road. Inspect your tires regularly to make sure they look okay. The tread shouldn’t have patches in it and the sides should not have cracks or bubbles in them.

Contact Midwest Auto Care For Your Bouncy Ride

If you suspect your automobile has suspension problems, schedule an appointment with Midwest Auto Care in Lake Station, IN. We’ll inspect your suspension and repair it.

Photo by Andrew Bret Wallis from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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